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Are you struggling to keep up with your monthly payments on your Federal Student Loans? Maybe you’re having your wages garnished or your tax refund taken from you when you file every year? You may qualify for much lower monthly payments as well as having a portion of your loans completely forgiven!

Your Education Should
Never Own You!

You may be eligible to reduce your payments, consolidate your loans, or even have some or all of your student loans forgiven!










Student Loan Consolidation

Consolidate your federal education loans into one easy to manage loan and even lower your payments.

Payment Reduction

You may qualify to lower your student loan payment with an income-driven repayment plan.


Do you have student loans in default? We can stop collections, wage garnishments, and tax offsets with our Rehab Program.


Depending on your occupation and income you may qualify for student loan forgiveness of some or all of your student loans.


Finding the Right Solution

There is a lot of information about Student Loans, but finding the right fit for your needs is somthing that takes knowledge and expertise. At Student Loan Support Services, we pride ourselves on being experts in the Student Loan field. If you think you need help – we understand and would be more than happy to talk to you about your options.

Are you having difficulties dealing with your Federal Student Loans?

Struggling to keep up with your monthly payments?

Are your wages or tax refund being garnished?

We Are Here for You

You may qualify for lower monthly payments (sometimes as low as $0 a month) as well as having a portion of your loans completely forgiven! Speak to one of our student loan specialist about all of the options you have available to you!


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